Personal Training

PWR Studios has quality personal training services, for those who want more specilaised training, have specific goals, or needs, and prefer to work around their own schedule with their trainer.
Our Trainers are premium and highly qualified health and fitness professionals, who are dedicated and passionate about helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Meet The Team

Let's Meet Our Awesome Team Members

  • 7 years experience
  • Expert in strength training and body conditioning
  • Exercise prescription specialist
  • Barre Attack instructor
  • Nutrition for fat loss and weight maintenance
  • Nutrition coach
  • Trained Health and Fitness Professional from MaxInternational College for Fitness Professional
  • BsC nutrition student
  • Specialist in women’s fitness during menopause
  • Trained Health and Fitness Professional from MaxInternational College for Fitness Professionals
  • Nominated as one of the top 3 students of the year at Max International College for Fitness Professionals
  • Thump Boxing Coach
  • Menopause Hormone Trained Coach through Menofitness
  • Owner of the Hormone Empowerment Programme and New You Personal Training


What other people thought about the service provided by PWR Studio

"The best results I've had with a client thus far has been with a male who struggled at the start to lift 5kilos, he can now squat 80kgs has lost 31kilos since he began his journey with me 2 years ago and even started a new business with his newfound confidence and body movement!"

Renee Diment

"I've been training with Renee for 2 years now and love how easy she has made fitting in 3 training sessions a week for me with my busy corporate job and young son. I have never felt so strong, fit, and toned. What I love the most is that she cares, and makes it work for me and my lifestyle, training is fun, effective and I love the 30-minute timeframe for a session! I have lost 3 kilos overall, but I feel more incredible than ever in my clothes!!"

Sara Smith